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Founded in 1996 by Dr. Luisa Maria Jacinta Correia Martins, Certified Accountant nº37411, Lumarcont is an accounting office with more than 20 years of existence in the market.
Lumarcont is headquartered in the city of Faro with the objective of providing a service of excellence that allows the client to have the least worries about the financial, tax and labor part of their business.
Our clients are Associations, IPSS, small, medium and large companies.
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Supporting our clients by developing quality services and excellence that meet the needs of companies regardless of their activity or type, such as non-profit associations, IPSS, owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals.

Our goal is to help our clients create an internal organization that produces timely and supportive information when they negotiate with customers, suppliers, banking institutions and other entities in order to bring added value to your company or organization.


Help and support the client through a conduct that reflects high standards of professional ethics, through a clear and precise communication, with the support of a consistent team that is focused on a transparent relationship with the client and its employees, based on responsibility and trust.

We are the best partnership to reach success.


Lumarcont intends to be among the main service providers, being a reference of excellence in accounting services, tax consulting, support to the internal organization of companies, professional training. Promoting partnerships in order to support and stimulate the success of its clients.



In the current economic context, financial and management information has never been so important to competitiveness and, in many cases, to the survival of companies and organizations.
It is fundamental that all information is elaborated in a credible, professional, competent and obeying the ethical, accounting and legal principles.

Practiced in the client's office                                              (Finacial Outsourcing)                                                    MORE INFO >>
Human Resources Management


Human Resources management is indispensable for a good performance of the entities. The enumerated obligations, increasingly require a qualified professional monitoring. We provide all necessary services for excellent support in this area.


Accounting Service


Accounting is a fundamental information system to management, supporting the entities in their decision making, being the Certified Accountant an essential partner for the success of your business. Its elaboration is governed by principles that must adapt to the specific needs of each reality.

Tax Consultancy

Good tax advice is imperative these days, support, analysis and understanding of economic and financial results is indispensable for the maximization, profitability and tax efficiency of your business.


Administrative services


An organized administrative sector is essential to the success of the entities, its optimization translates into a reduction of costs. In this sense Lumarcont provides technical, administrative and computer resources for the execution of many important tasks.






Rua São Luís 60,1º-F
8000-285 FARO

Mobil: 00351 932 769 924

Tel: 00351 289 812 160 

Fax: 00351 289 828 860

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